Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Art Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

Why do we have to shed tears when we say goodbye? We cry when we are in pain, when we are hurt.   But why does saying goodbye have to be painful?

Sometimes, I wonder why I still bother to love? When I know that it will always be the same story.  Chasing a heart that will never be mine, Begging for affection that will never be given, Sacrificing for a doubtful future and crying for the one who will never love me back.

Why hold on for too long to what's never meant? Sometimes, we need to set things free before it hurts us even more.  It takes a lot of courage to let go and set someone free for you have kept, cherished and loved for a long time. Isn't it that all you ever hoped and wished for the one you love is for him to always be happy? Thus, it's a sacrifice, even if its setting him free.

Has it ever crossed your mind that at times goodbye is also a wonderful thing?

Because it is a beginning of a new chapter waiting to be unfold.  And sometimes, we need to say goodbye to let that loved one find someone and also unfold his new chapter in life.

So, why be in pain, why cry and waste those tears when you should start picking up the pieces and give yourself a chance to discover and find that one true love.  After all, they say, goodbyes are not forever.  Set free of that someone. If  he comes back for you, he's yours forever, if he doesn't he was never really meant for you.

Setting someone free may not be easy but in time you will realize that you have cried and was hurt because you have sacrifice to let go because you have truly loved and that's the ART OF LETTING GO.