Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is love a Bad Thing?

Who would you rather choose? Someone who loves you or someone you love? A person who will do everything and anything for you or a person who's just waiting for you to do everything for him?

The world is so unfair. Sometimes, i think that the word love is a very BAD thing. It maybe true that love is a wonderful feeling but after the butterflies have flown away from your stomach, you would realize that loving someone had taught you to hate, to be angry, vengeful and worst it will make you numb.

It hurts to see someone walk away from you but what hurts most is when they made you feel loved, made you fool for them, made you believe they loved but never really do. Sometimes, we can say to ourselves that "I'm OK". we can even manage to smile all the way and even laugh hard as if nothing happened.  We may even tend to talk a lot as if we really know what we are saying.  But if one time you'd get to see what's really inside of me, why i try to be funny and crazy, please don't ask why, just smile with me. 

What is love much like?

Like a song? Maybe. it has a start and ending. It has refrain, which makes it over and over again.  A song that has many genres, sometimes it could be happy, sad, forgiving, encouraging and all the good things that can further describe our feeling but again it could also be a noise that is very annoying.

It's like a cigarette smoke that fade away, diffusing two fresh air.  Loosing it's traces to a wider space but even if the smoke is gone, the scent will remain causing much addiction, making us go for more, longing for the smoke that already left us.

Sometimes, its more like a tattoo , You take the risk, face pain and yet place it in a special part of you and when the time comes that you need to erase it, you have to endure yet again pain and realize that it will forever leave a scar that will always remind you that you had once a tattoo that for sometime symbolized something special.

Maybe, it is much more like a war. Easy to begin but hard to end.  So when you fall in love, choose the one who is willing to fight the war with you until the end.

The question still remains, are you still going to choose on who will love ---- you or that someone?....


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