Monday, March 4, 2013

Losers Are Champions Too

It’s sad to see a loved one frustrated about a failure.  The feeling is mutual even if you are not the one in his shoe.  It’s really difficult to accept that we sometimes fail.  But, what does it take to be a champion?  For all I know, is we are all champion in our own right. 

We can be more than a champion if we only learn from being a loser

Be strong and smart. Just because we fail today, we think, we will keep losing again and again. But we are totally wrong! In fact, if we learn from what went wrong the first time around, we’re more likely to get it right the next time around.
Be Humble.  Don’t put your own self in a pedestal thinking that all of our ideas are brilliant.  Maintain a low profile ego to admit that we might not be as smart as we think we are.  We just have to let life find a way and do it for us.

Perseverance.  An easy option doesn’t mean you have to grab it.  Sometimes we have to do what is tough, because it is the right choice.  Not the other way around.  You need perseverance to push through those moments of frustration.

Endurance.  Not because it feels awful and strange to lose doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try again.  It’s feels a lot better to give another shot than feeling sorry because we didn’t took the chance to try. Endurance means that we remain steadfast even through criticism, monotony, and discouraging odds.

Support group.  As they say, no man is an island.  Most of the time, asking for help is the fastest way to make things done.  Don’t be afraid to get others involved. Let's admit it, there are things we couldn't do alone.

Push the limits. Go beyond the answers to your questions, explore new things. Not because you have the solution to the problem doesn’t mean you have to stop.  It’s always better to have Plan B.  Go out of your way and listen to other’s opinion.  Maybe you know something that no one else does. Maybe you have different strengths than they do.

We have to compete not only for the prize.  Prizes and rewards comes in many different forms. We may not have the medals and trophies to boast for and even if we lose a hundred times we are still winners if only we have all of these characteristics for it would be the best award we can really be proud of.  There are still more unlisted we just have to be aware and be critical in thinking.  All of us had tasted defeat or experienced failing in the past.  Learn from losing because to be a champion you have to be a loser first.  

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